Never Suppress Emotions

Logic  : “No, Don’t go”

Emotion : “I am coming”.

L : “Act Now”

E : “I feel lazy. I will do tomorrow”

L : “Don’t be vulnerable”.

E : “Oh Dear, I let my guard down only for now”

L : “Don’t fall for him.”

E : “Oh i started developing feelings for him”

L : “OK, Forget it”.

E :  “Oh no, i can’t live without him”.

There is a continuous battle between logic and emotion. There is a difference between practical and logical. Logic can give you the plan and idea. But when you start acting, your emotions takes control over the logic. That is why you feel the PAIN in your brain when you act on uninterested task. Once you feel the PAIN, you will stop acting on it.

Never ever suppress your unchecked emotions just to follow the logic.

Just see through it. Figure out the valid reaction. Take your time but regain your control.

The maturity lies in how quick you get back to stability.


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