Evoke Spirit

I am not sure why this prompt today especially when i was reading about Supernatural, Paranormal incidents. It is just Baader Meinhoff effect or it is just i am correlating this word in such a way that it is not a coincidence.

Whatever. I thought to write about my childhood hilarious incident related to OUIJA board.

When i was around 11 or 12 years old after seeing lot of magical , mysterious horror films , i decided to try doing OUIJA thing at home.

I heard from one of my friends that how the drinking tumbler moves over the alphabets after you lit up candles and cover it using tumblers.


I wrote alphabets and drew 2 circles over which i kept candles , lit it up. Covered those candles with tumblers. Started asking questions.

Surrounding was so silent. I was waiting for those tumblers to move. I dint want to give up.

Again started asking questions. Suddenly the tumbler fell down. That’s it. I lost all my courage and ran into my house.

There one of my friend came downstairs from his house humming a song saw this drawing.

He started screaming and ran like hell. I ran towards him and consoled that it was me who experimented since i was curious.  He was still doubtful of me. May be he felt humiliated and walked away giving a stare at me.

That evening (7PM , it was dark outside), i wanted some class work notes. So i went upstairs and rang his door bell.

He just opened his door and started shouting, screaming “Ghost” pointing towards me. I was dumbstruck as i was standing alone. His mom came hurriedly and saw me.

She started laughing and he joined her.

I was so furious for he teased me and his mom laughed at me.

Having no choice, i joined them in laughing at myself and my idiotic experiment.

P.S That tumbler fell down due to wind :p


You may ask me whether you believe those theories? I don’t know. I am more inclined towards science and its explanations. Due to curious and investigative nature of me, i am still reading those mystery stories and incidents.

Mystery always has its own aura.

In response to EVOKE prompt



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