How to attract what you want in Life

You want to be a great writer?

You want to become your better self?

You want to be technically too strong in your field?

Do one simple step.

Think how to write better ;

Think how to become your better self;

Think how you can technically strong.

Din’t get it? Welcome to Baader Meinhoff Phenomenon. 


Whenever you hear a new word, you continuously hear that word in that day or two. It is like Whenever you think about God, you start feeling and seeing signs. Which means you have everything around you but the problem is you din’t notice it.

How do you use this phenomenon to attract what you want?

  1. Start with thinking, continuously.
  2. You will start noticing where you are lagging. Ex: You try to become a better self. You start noticing that you are lazy. You procrastinate. You expect return soon after you do something.
  3. Continue to do until you reach your goal

You can definitely move to your goals using this phenomenon.

Simply FOCUS.


Photo by Alexander Solodukhin on Unsplash



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