How to achieve your Goals?

You want to study but you are not able to focus it continuously?

You want to participate in competitive exams, but suddenly you lost the motivation while preparing?

You want to Blog and achieve some solid writing goals but that is dropped off due to your family or work situation?

You feel you are not talented and can not achieve anything in Life?

You strongly believe that Talent and Motivation are the two main causes for achieving the goals?

Then you are wrong.

You don’t need IQ, You can’t continuously be motivated, you don’t need talent.

Then what you must have to achieve success?


Watch this video of Angela Duckworth. Her book is treated as one of the good reads about self-control and GRIT.

As per her psychological study,  person should have GRIT and self-control to complete the required task.

She said that there is no specific steps to make the children to have GRIT and perseverance.

But i follow few steps. As of now it is giving results. So how can we develop GRIT?

I have a handy post for this (My first post here ). It is always really hard to start anything which you want to procrastinate due to external or internal factors.

Here are the steps to be followed:

1. One step at a time. Just start without thinking the Product or Outcome.
2. Set a timer for 25min and follow only the steps or Process. If you are blogging, start writing. If you want to do maths, start the analytical steps.
3. Relax for 3-5min. This is your relaxed mode. Your brain used to connect the dots of what you are doing and make you understand.
4. Do this for 4 cycles(25min focus; 3min relax).

Finally you would have accomplished something about your Goal per day. Repeat this process everyday.

When i can do, you too can do. Try and let me know in comments.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


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