Reservation is Luxury

via Daily Prompt: Reservation



She wakes up at 5 AM every morning.

She cleans the place and cooks for the family.

She packs food for her children and husband.

She makes her children ready for the school.

She cooks the lunch and washes the dishes.

She eats her breakfast in a hurry and Runs to the Office.

She works hard in office for unattainable promotion.

Comes to the house exhausted starving nothing to eat and no one to help her.

Prepares dinner to feed her children and husband, helps them with their home work.

She again cleans the place and have dinner with no hunger.

Now time 11 PM. She is so tired and fell asleep as soon as going to the bed.

Cycle continues until she gets ill and hospitalized.

Hospital gives her the required time and rest not the people around.

That reserved time and deserved rest is luxury to her.





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